Marvel: Avengers Alliance

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Marvel: Avengers Alliance
Marvel Avengers Alliance logo.jpg
Developer(s) Playdom
Platform(s) Adobe Flash, iOS, Android
Release date(s) Facebook (Thursday 1 March 2012) (Date unknown- April 21, 2014)
Apple iOS (Wednesday 13 June 2013)1
Genre(s) RPG
Mode(s) Single-player with multiplayer interaction
Distribution Web browser

Marvel: Avengers Alliance is a turn-based social network game developed by Playdom in 2012. It is based on characters and storylines published by Marvel Comics, and written by Alex Irvine.2 The game is available as an Adobe Flash application via the social-networking website Facebook.3 It officially launched in Facebook at March 1, 2012. It was initially released as promotion for the 2012 Marvel Studios crossover film The Avengers. It was nominated for Best Social Game on the Video Game Awards 2012, and won.4 It was made available on iOS devices on 13 June 2013, and an Android version is also available. On March 20, 2014, it was announced that the servers running on Playdom's official website would be discontinued.5



The player is a new S.H.I.E.L.D. recruit, dispatched by Nick Fury and Maria Hill. As the game advances, more heroes join the conflict as playable characters.

Season One

In the first season, the game revolves around a galactic event called the "The Pulse" hitting Earth. This event released a strange compound called Iso-8. Several villains, villain organizations (consisting of A.I.M., the Brotherhood of Mutants, the Hand, HYDRA, and the Maggia), and extra-dimensional menaces try to take advantage of it leading to a villain alliance called "The Syndicate." The season ends with the destruction of the Syndicate, the resurrection of the Red Skull, and a civil war within HYDRA.

Season Two

In the second season, S.H.I.E.L.D. travels to other parts of the world: San Francisco, Great Britain, Wakanda and the Savage Land. The heroes investigate the Circle of Eight, a mysterious organization that is killing low-level villain and heroes for unknown reasons. The Circle of Eight is revealed to be led by The Serpent: Asgardian God of Fear, who is also assembling heroes to be his Worthy.


Season 2 was expected to be released on the 18th of June, 2013 and will feature new heroes and villains. On the 18th, Playdom said there would be a hold on release on it.6 Season 2 was released on August 1, 2013.


Players take control of an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.7 and can fully customize the agent by gaining experience, leveling up, and equipping their agents with various weapons and uniforms obtained within the game. They can also team up with up to two out of the current 112 available Marvel heroes in the game, each with their unique skills and abilities. While some heroes are locked and can only be recruited on some occasions, most of them are available for general recruitment, and can be bought with 'Command Points', one of the currency that appears in the game.

Gameplay itself consists of turn-based fights that pit your agent and heroes against one or more waves of three or less enemies, with each character having unique attacks. There are six character classes: blaster, bruiser, scrapper, infiltrator, tactician and generalist. The first five classes have a specific strength and a specific weakness to one of the other classes, in a Rock-paper-scissors style. Blasters have guaranteed critical hits against bruisers and ignore their defense stats. Bruisers increase their statistics when they attack or are attacked by scrappers. Scrappers have a second automatic attack (follow-up attack) against infiltrators. Infiltrators gain the ability to counter enemies' attacks after attack or are attacked by tacticians. And tacticians gain an extra turn when they attack or are attacked by blasters. The generalist class has no special strengths or weaknesses against other classes. Some playable heroes can switch classes during the game, and a character class may be changed with alternate costumes. The player has access to uniforms of all the classes.


  • Silver - It is the main form of monetary item used in the game to buy gears, uniforms, supplies, and Isotope-8. It is also used to fund research and training for heroes. It can be obtained by completing missions and Remote Operations from Flight Deck, participating in PVP Tournaments, selling items, visiting allies and rewards from Marvel XP.
  • Gold - It is an another form of resources use to buy other items in the game such as Command Points, S.H.I.E.L.D. Points, Energy and premium gear. One Gold is rewarded every time an agent gains a level up. Other ways of achieving gold are from daily or PVP roulettes, completing missions, ending a PVP Tournament in Gold League or higher, or using real money to buy more.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Points - They are often used in conjunction with Silver to fund research, buy item and train heroes. They can be obtained in various ways such as visiting allies and receiving gifts.
  • Command Points - They are used to recruit heroes or alternate uniforms for agent or heroes. They can be obtained from boss/epic boss, PVP or daily roulettes, completing missions, opening lockboxes, and by exchanging gold for them (exchange rate is 1 gold = 2 Command Points).
  • Energy - It is used to commence battles. 1 energy is recharged every 6 minutes, with a total of 60 energy. 10 energy is needed to start a battle.
  • Challenge Points - It has the same function as the energy, but only used in Player vs Player (PVP). During the PVP Tournament, 1 Challenge Point is needed to start a PVP battle. When used, 1 Challenge Point is recharged every 30 minutes with a total of 5 challenge points. Practice Battle in PVP will not cost Challenge Point.
  • Isotope-8 - It is a mysterious mineral that existed after the "Pulse" event that has been the center of conflict between the heroes and villains. Inserted in the heroes' costume or agents' uniform to upgrade their stats. It varies in chip, fragment, shard, crystal, and reactive crystal form and refined forms for each of these.
  • Empowered Isotope-8 - Mysterious new form of Isotope-8 that can give heroes and agent new abilities. There are Empowered Isotopes that can be equipped by any hero, some are class restricted, and some are hero restricted. Each hero can equip 2 Empowered Isotope-8 in their original outfits and Agent can equip one in Empowered armor. Alternate outfits for heroes can only equip 1 Empowered Isotope-8. Hero restricted Empowered Isotope-8 can be found in Heroic Battles in Season 2.
  • Augmented Isotope-8 - Mysterious new form of Isotope-8 that can enhance specific abilities of heroes. Some are designed for certain types of abilities, while some are restricted for specific abilities of specific heroes. One Augmented Isotope-8 can be equipped for heroes when they reach level 8 and up to four can be equipped when they reach level 14. Hero restricted Augmented Isotope-8 can be found in boss battles in Season 2.
  • Unstable Isotope-8 - It is an unstable form of Isotope-8. It is used to access Spec Ops. 10 per battle/deploy, 20 per mini-boss/boss battle.
  • Lockbox - It is a resource that can be gathered in several ways. Opening one Lockboxes will have a 7% chance to receive a Comic Cover. Collecting 8 Comic Covers in a collection will result in the Lockbox hero of that collection. Beside Comic Covers, Lockboxes also contain Supplies, Gear and even Command Points.


Collections is a feature used to recruit a number of Heroes, mostly were previously Villains. It was first unveiled as part of Special Operations - Cry Havok.

Collections can be completed by opening Lockboxes to collect Comic Book Covers. Collecting all eight unique Covers of the Collection will unlock the Hero.

Lockbox # Hero Unlock Collectable Items Availability
#01 Magneto Magnetic Collection Availability: Since Spec Op 6: Cry Havok (January 29, 2013)
Expired: November 1, 2014
#02 Omega Sentinel Omega Collection Availability: Since Spec Op 8: Vision of the Future (April 5, 2013)
Expired: November 1, 2014
#03 Juggernaut Unstoppable Collection Availability: Since PVP Tournament: Season 8 (May 21, 2013)
Expired: November 1, 2014
#04 Constrictor Coiled Collection Availability: Since Spec Op 10: So Shall Ye Reap (June 7, 2013)
Expired: November 1, 2014
#05 Satana Demonic Collection Availability: Since Spec Op 11: Sins of the Fathers (July 13, 2013)
Expired: November 1, 2014
#06 Elektra Shadowy Collection Availability: Since PVP Tournament: Season 10 (August 15, 2013)
Expired: November 1, 2014
#07 Thane Inhuman Collection Availability: Since Spec Op 13: Infinity (September 20, 2013)
Expired: November 1, 2014
#08 Loki Mischievous Collection Availability: Since Spec Op 14: The Dark World (October 29, 2013)
Expired: November 1, 2014
#09 Sabretooth Fanged Collection Availability: Since PVP Tournament: Season 12 (November 12, 2013)
Expired: November 1, 2014
#10 Doctor Doom Impending Collection Availability: Since Covert Task: Daily Dose of Doom (December 7, 2013)
Expired: December 19, 2014
#11 Moonstone Psycho Collection Availability: Since Spec-Ops 15: Game On (December 17, 2013)
Expired: November 21, 2014
#12 Taskmaster Mimetic Collection Availability: Since PVP Tournament: Season 15 (April 11, 2014)
Expired: January 14, 2014
#13 Sandman Sand Collection Availability: Since Spec-Ops 18: Symbiosis (May 19, 2014)
#14 Avalanche Boom Collection Availability: Since Spec-Ops 19: Fratricide (July 10, 2014)
#15 Kang Timeless Collection Availability: Since Spec-Ops 21: Savage Lands (September 28, 2014)
#16 Fixer Toolbox Collection Availability: Since PVP Tournament: Season 17 (November 21, 2014)
#17 Hybrid Symbiotic Collection Availability: Since Covert Task: Ho Ho Hybrid (December 9, 2014)

Player Vs. Player (PVP)

For a limited time, Player Vs. Player (PVP) tournaments are available where the players fight to reach different tiers (Silver, Gold, Diamond, Vibranium and Adamantium). Players who placed at Adamantium tier at the end of the PvP season are awarded a new hero. PvP fighting can also be done during non-tournament times in practice mode only.

PvP season Hero Rewards:

Season # Adamantium League Reward
#01 Deadpool
#02 Cable
#03 Psylocke
#04 Punisher
#05 X-23
#06 Fantomex
#07 Shatterstar
#08 Red Hulk
#09 Angel
#10 Bishop
#11 Spiral
#12 Domino
#13 Agent Venom
#14 Hogun
#15 Rocket Raccoon
#16 Drax
#17 Karnak
#18 Nova

Special Operations (Spec Ops)

Special Operations are limited time challenges in which the player has to complete 25 tasks in order to obtain a new hero. Unique boss items can be acquired through battle, and special weapons or items are rewarded for every 5 tasks completed. The only exception has been the first Spec Ops mission, in which the player had to get 5 star mastery in all the missions.

Spec Op Season # Description
#01 Mockingbird was kidnapped and brainwashed. Completing this Spec-Ops recruits Mockingbird.
#02 Someone has been impersonating Emma Frost when the Hellfire Club gets involved with the Brotherhood of Mutants. Completing this Spec-Ops recruits Emma Frost.
#03 This Spec-Ops is based on the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline. Completing this Spec-Ops recruits Magik.
#04 Demons have overtaken the city. Completing this Spec-Ops recruits Ghost Rider.
#05 Loki is on the Wild Hunt. Completing this Spec-Ops recruits Valkyrie.
#06 The Living Pharaoh is back and has help from the Hellfire Club. Completing this Spec-Ops recruits Havok.
#07 The rogue AI system that appeared with the Pulse needs to be contained. Completing this Spec-Ops recruits Hank Pym.
#08 The rogue AI ends up placed in the body for Ultron. Ultron then gone rogue and is attacking. Completing this Spec-Ops recruits Vision.
#09 This Spec-Ops is based on Iron Man 3 and the Extremis storyline. Completing this Spec-Ops recruits Rescue.
#10 HYDRA is after Simon Williams. Completing this Spec-Ops recruits Wonder Man.
#11 Blackheart has returned to create chaos. Completing this Spec-Ops recruited Daimon Hellstrom.
#12 This Spec-Ops is based on the Dark Avengers part of the Dark Reign storyline. Completing this Spec-Ops recruits Ares.
#13 This Spec-Ops is based on the Infinity storyline. Completing this Spec-Ops recruits Black Bolt.
#14 This Spec-Ops is based on the film Thor: The Dark World. Completing this Spec-Ops recruits Heimdall.
#15 This Spec-Ops is based on the Avengers Arena series. Completing this Spec-Ops recruits Nico Minoru.
#16 Apocalypse is back; Beast, X-23, Rogue and Iceman were captured and changed into his Horsemen. Completing this Spec-Ops recruits Iceman.
#17 This Spec-Ops is based on the film Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Completing this Spec-Ops recruits Falcon.
#18 After Lasher, Phage, Agony and Riot were killed by the Circle of 8, the Green Goblin takes the symbiotes and creates a new one. To make things worse, Scream and Carnage also show up, but Eddie Brock goes after them. Completing this Spec-Ops recruits Anti-Venom.
#19 A weakened Brotherhood is threatened by Mr. Sinister and Sentinels led by Bastion and the Hellfire Club. It's up to S.H.I.E.L.D. and the X-Men to protect them. Completing this Spec-Ops recruits Cannonball.
#20 Nebula, Ronan the Accuser and the Black Order want Thane to pay for trapping Thanos in an ambar construct. The Guardians of the Galaxy arrive to help S.H.I.E.L.D protecting him. Completing this Spec-Ops recruits Star-Lord.
#21 Seeking control of the Savage Land, Sauron makes a deal with the A.I.M. and starts a war against Stegron, Mr. Sinister and the High Evolutionary who are doing experiments with the Iso-8 on dinosaurs creating the Iso-Saurs. Completing this Spec-Ops recruits Ka-Zar.
#22 On the Eve of a rare Solar eclipse, a terrifying alliance between Demons and Vampires threatens to tear the world asunder. Splitting their forces and enlisting the aid of Blade, the Vampire hunter, can S.H.I.E.L.D. combat the forces of darkness and restore order or will this night become permanent? Completing this Spec-Ops recruits Blade and Morbius.
#23 After breaking free of his amber prison, Thanos returns to Earth seeking revenge. Completing this Spec-Ops recruits Crystal.


The following characters appear in this game:

Playable characters Non-Playable characters
Villain Factions
  • Murderworld Robots
  • Sentinels
  • White Gorilla Tribe

^a Upcoming character.
^b Former villain, now a hero.

Related games

There was a related game to Marvel: Avengers Alliance that Playdom had made for Facebook called Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics. Launched in June 2014, this game took the gameplay mechanics built in the original and applied them to an isometric 3D map, with the player choosing four of their agents or heroes for each mission. The game was shut down on October 22nd, 2014.


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