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This is a list of current on-air personalities at The Weather Channel.1 Personalities marked with an (*) also work as field reporters during severe weather coverage.

On-Camera Meteorologists

Name Duration Show
Stephanie Abrams 2003– Wake Up With Al*
Mike Bettes 2003– AMHQ*
Vivian Brown 1989– Weather Center Live
Jen Carfagno 2004– Weather Center Live*
Keith Carson 2013– Weather Center Live
Kelly Cass 2000– Weather Center Live
Kim Cunningham 1995– Weather Center Live
Jennifer Delgado 2013– Weather Center Live
Mark Elliot 2010– Weather Center Live*
Paul Goodloe 1999– Weather Center Live*
Kyla Grogan 2012- Weather Center Live
Maria LaRosa 2010– AMHQ*
Kait Parker 2014– Weather Center Live*
Dave Schwartz2 1991-2008, 2014– Weather Center Live
Nick Walker 1999– Weather Center Live
Alex Wallace 2006– Weather Center Live*
Chris Warren 2009– Weather Center Live*
Alexandra Wilson 2013– Weather Center Live*
Reynolds Wolf 2012- Weather Center Live*


Name Duration Show
Sam Champion 2013– AMHQ*
Anaridis Rodriguez 2014– AMHQ*
Al Roker 2009– Wake Up With Al*


Name Duration Role
Jim Cantore 1986– Storm Specialist*
Greg Forbes 1999– Severe Weather Specialist*
Michael Lowry 2012– Tropical Weather Specialist
Tom Niziol 2012– Winter Weather Specialist
Bryan Norcross 2010– Tropical Weather Specialist/Director of Content & Presentation
Carl Parker 1999– Storm Specialist
Greg Postel 2012– Storm Specialist


Name Duration Role
Dave Malkoff 2012– Field/Feature Reporter
Stu Ostro 1989– Feature Reporter/Senior Director Of Weather Communications
Mike Seidel 1992– Field Reporter


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