List of flag bearers for Italy at the Olympics

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Italy at the Olympic Games

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This is a list of flag bearers who have represented Italy at the Olympics.1

Flag bearers carry the national flag of their country at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

Summer Olympics

# Event Year Flag bearer Sport
1 1908 Bragaglia, PietroPietro Bragaglia Gymnastics
2 1912 Braglia, AlbertoAlberto Braglia Gymnastics
3 1920 Nadi, NedoNedo Nadi Fencing
4 1924 Frigerio, UgoUgo Frigerio Athletics
5 1928 Galimberti, CarloCarlo Galimberti Weightlifting
6 1932 Frigerio, UgoUgo Frigerio Athletics
7 1936 Gaudini, GiulioGiulio Gaudini Fencing
8 1948 Rocca, GianniGianni Rocca Athletics
9 1952 Cicognani, MirandaMiranda Cicognani Gymnastics
10 1956 Mangiarotti, EdoardoEdoardo Mangiarotti Fencing
11 1960 Mangiarotti, EdoardoEdoardo Mangiarotti Fencing
12 1964 Delfino, GiuseppeGiuseppe Delfino Fencing
13 1968 D'Inzeo, RaimondoRaimondo D'Inzeo Equestrianism
14 1972 Pamich, AbdonAbdon Pamich Athletics
15 1976 Dibiasi, KlausKlaus Dibiasi Diving
16 1984 Simeoni, SaraSara Simeoni Athletics
17 1988 Mennea, PietroPietro Mennea Athletics
18 1992 Abbagnale, GiuseppeGiuseppe Abbagnale Rowing
19 1996 Trillini, GiovannaGiovanna Trillini Fencing
20 2000 Myers, CarltonCarlton Myers Basketball
21 2004 Chechi, JuryJury Chechi Gymnastics
22 2008 Rossi, AntonioAntonio Rossi Canoe racing
23 2012 Vezzali, ValentinaValentina Vezzali Fencing

Winter Olympics

# Event Year Flag bearer Sport
1 1924 Bonzi, LeonardoLeonardo Bonzi
2 1928 Glück, FerdinandoFerdinando Glück
3 1932 Sertorelli, ErminioErminio Sertorelli Alpine skiing
4 1936 Guarnieri, AdrianoAdriano Guarnieri Alpine skiing
5 1948 Chierroni, VittorioVittorio Chierroni Alpine skiing
6 1952 Marchelli, Maria GraziaMaria Grazia Marchelli Alpine skiing
7 1956 Zandanel, NiloNilo Zandanel Ski jumping
8 1960 Alberti, BrunoBruno Alberti Alpine skiing
9 1964 Monti, EugenioEugenio Monti Bobsleigh
10 1968 Fasolis, ClotildeClotilde Fasolis
11 1972 De Paolis, LucianoLuciano De Paolis Bobsleigh
12 1976 Thoeni, GustavoGustavo Thoeni Alpine skiing
13 1980 Thoeni, GustavoGustavo Thoeni Alpine skiing
14 1984 Hildgartner, PaulPaul Hildgartner Luge
15 1988 De Zolt, MaurilioMaurilio De Zolt Cross-country skiing
16 1992 Tomba, AlbertoAlberto Tomba Alpine skiing
17 1994 Compagnoni, DeborahDeborah Compagnoni Alpine skiing
18 1998 Weissensteiner, GerdaGerda Weissensteiner Luge
19 2002 Kostner, IsoldeIsolde Kostner Alpine skiing
20 2006 Kostner, CarolinaCarolina Kostner Figure skating
21 2010 Di Centa, GiorgioGiorgio Di Centa Cross-country skiing
21 2014 Zoeggeler, ArminArmin Zoeggeler Luge

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